It seems that the Studio 737 Art Gallery located here on #7, was meant to reopen just in time for CANADA’S 150 Year Celebration in 2017. Yes, one way or another, we or the new owners, will hope to open our doors for business once more some time in May, 2017.

The Home, Gallery and Property will remain for sale until April 30, 2017, at the listed price of $289,900. If the Property remains unsold and we once again open our doors, as a profitable operating venue in May 2017, the price will revert to $450,000 As the new business grows, the price may well continue to rise beyond the 450K mark. This may be your last opportunity to open as you see fit. Go to for all the details and contact our realtor: Bob Foster, and he will assist you with a showing of the entire property. If we do find a successful buyer, we will turn over all of your artists’ inquiries regarding the information that we have included below to the new owners, so they can, themselves, then make Studio 737 Art Gallery a successful venture again!

In 28 years, the Studio 737 Art Gallery name permeated the Canadian Art World, as it, perhaps, housed the largest collection of ALL ORIGINAL CANADIAN ART FOR SALE IN CANADA. We used this fact to our advantage in all of our advertising.

The name is unique and the possibility of franchising it still exists.



STUDIO 737 ART GALLERY will start off with a Brand New Look on our website! Once everything is in place, a replacement to this listing explaining everything to our customers will take place of this information.

***This advertisement for future artists who wish to be part of Studio 737 will then be placed in a special box for them to click onto once everything is rolling along.

We again, we’ll be travelling to our winter home in Florida in January returning in April 2017.

We will then remain in contact with everyone, as soon as possible, from there. We are not avoiding you and will fill you in via e-mail, as to our progress. (So we need your email addresses, because, we do not text and we want all documentation on paper, not cyber-space).

You can start sending those e-mails today, earlier the better, and we will place them in a separate folder on our computer. (If you intend on mailing anything shortly, it should be addressed to: Joe Kurek, 10812 Liberty Drive, Port Richey, FL 34668. (We will return any photos, or information that you may be sending, when we return to Canada in April. (It does take 10 days for mail to be delivered to the States from Canada)

Upon our return in April, the inside of the gallery will get a bit of a facelift for our new operation. Taking Consignments in on the 1st of May 2017, and not before.


  1. If we personally are required to reopen the Gallery because of your overwhelming response, then we will be looking for a mature, competent Graduate from the area, who has a complete knowledge of Social Media, as to be able to constantly update our ever changing web-site and to efficiently run the Gallery under our direct management.   Applicants need to contact me at:
  2. We intend on opening the Gallery with a new concept, and an assistant to help customers, when we are not present.   As before a display area for Several Artists and an AUCTION area, with a rotating auction schedule of: June 1st, September 1st and November 1st. It will be similar to as an ‘online auction’, but mainly FOR LIVING ARTISTS where the artist places a Reserve” and a “Take it Home Price” on each item. We will also include several other art pieces, (such as sculpture) as we see fit. What we want to happen here is that more customers will find out about our auctions and make that extra effort to stop by the Gallery to browse through all art on the permanent display including ALL the auction items. Perhaps, a customer may purchase one of our display artists’ paintings, but also may be interested in an auction item, or two, by placing a bid on the item(s).   However, if they are only interested in the auction items then the bid can be put on those. (We have a program, that shows the latest bid on an item received for each lot, so to be fair to all of our consignors, they can see any activity on their works).


As you maybe unfamiliar with Studio737 and may be hesitant, you don’t have to be, as our past artists can vouch for us. We ran a successful art gallery for 28 years and have had over 75 artists works on display at any given time without any problems the entire time. For those of you residing outside Ontario, we have always taken care of our artists being artists ourselves. Bidders will have to provide addresses, phone numbers, e-mails and credit card info for the items they are bidding on (the auction program will keep them abreast of the latest bid and give them an opportunity to increase their current bid, which all would, of course, be backed up by email). In doing so, our client list will grow and grow over the years and we will be able to inform our customer base of the next auction, or whatever will be new at Studio 737.   Advertising will be done using the social media, thereby eliminating any mailing expenses.


For the past twenty eight years, we have exhibited only Original Canadian Artists and our Gallery probably housed the Largest Collection of Canadian Fine Art for sale anywhere in Canada exhibiting at the time over 1,000 paintings. Most paintings were sold and this was an opportunity for all these professional artists to have their works recognized across Canada. When Studio 737 reopens, it will be all Canadian Art once again with the exception of my own. Although, a landed immigrant, I still am a dual citizen of US, but I think after supporting Canadian Art, as I have done over these years I will now include my own work for sale as well!


We will be requiring our regular display artists to provide a photograph of themselves along with their biographies, it being similar in style, as you see with Arja’s and my biography these bio’s will be more advanced with the help of our employee. (We probably will also place, at your discretion, photos and bios for artists submitting their works for auction as well to help sell their art) All of our past Studio 737 Art Gallery information was lost over a year ago when our computer crashed, so everything will need to be new, including your prices! We also need your contact information once again. Currently, the post office has been instructed to return all mail submitted to Studio 737 until our return mid April (So do not send mail to the Gallery) (If you need to mail photo‘s and biographies send me an email and I will provide you with the mailing address in Florida once we arrive, it does take 10 days to receive your letters).

These days it’s a buyer’s market, which we now find ourselves in! Prices fluctuate and even artists must be willing to go with the changing times. However, moving several pieces of your work in our auction should not affect any of your other sales. We will not be advertising any living artist names, so no one will ever know that you have submitted anything in our auctions. Most energetic artists have an enormous supply of work that they are eager to sell, so we are giving them an opportunity to do so. We ask you to keep your personal info such as addresses, phone numbers and emails off your personal biographies that you are giving us.

We said earlier Studio 737 Art Gallery has always been here for the Canadian Artists and we are a business and must show a profit to remain so. We appreciate everyone’s help in this new venture.


For our future clients that may be perusing all the above information and may wish to take advantage of our Brand New Look and Auctions, please leave us your emails as well.   We will notify you of our Opening  and 1st Auction.