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   In the past our emphasis was on the historically significant painters and sculptors, such as the "Group of Seven" Robert Pilot, Manley MacDonalod, W. Kurelek, Henri Masson, F. Bell-Smith, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Arthur Shilling and many more, but, although we are still representing historical works, we have decided to move on.

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   Today our focus is on the new generation of painters, the ones, who are either just beginning to take off or have just in the past decade or two, established their professional careers.  These are the painters whose pictures represent solid investment value. One day they will be worth substantially more than what you invest today.  Some of these painters are:  Albert Chiarandini, Don Fraser, Lucy Manley, John Lennard, Ron Leonard, Beth Hoselton, Guttorn Otto, Arja Palonen, Jill Segal, Bernice Starkman, Jordan Hicks, Terry Ananny, Robert Huffman, Jake Mol, Pauline Holancin, Don Connolly, Martha Markowsky, Jake Vandenbrink, plus many others.


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   Look critically at all your professional spaces, see them as your clients would. Original paintings can impress people by giving them confidence in doing business with you. Original paintings, in your waiting room or lobby, can reinforce the positive mood of your clients. The secretarial and employee work stations may need a more colorful and productive atmosphere. The boardroom and your own individual office can help express your positive image, and your company's identity, making your working world a more dynamic place to be and giving clients that all important first impression of your company's integrity and financial security.

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   Studio 737 can help, whether your choice is with Large Abstracts, Traditional Landscapes, Florals, Still Life, or highly detailed Wildlife Art.  We even offer impressive and unique bronze sculptures.  During the last eleven years we have exclusively invested our time and energies in promoting Original Canadian Art, and thus helped to establish many reputable Canadian painters.  We built our business by being dedicated and honest about Original Canadian Art and by not following trendy art fads.

    We do not employ middlemen, who can inflate prices for their own benefit.  Our Art Consultants are educated professionals, who work exclusively for the Studio 737 Art Gallery, their artists and for you.

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   There are many advantages for small and large businesses to purchase Original Canadian Art.  Many business owners are not aware that the Canadian tax law allows business owners to purchase and write-off Original Canadian Art in its entirety.  They are amazed to find out that the acquisition of Original Canadian Art is included in the Capital Cost Allowance for all Canadian businesses, so long as the Artist was a Canadian Citizen when creating the work and the work of art is an Original worth a minimum of $200.

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   But the most fortunate aspect of purchasing Original Canadian Art is that it increases in value, often quite rapidly and significantly.  Why any informed business person would elect to decorate the company's office spaces, for the above reasons, with generic signed and numbered art imitations, or posters, which have no value now or in the future, is a mystery to us.


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