The take home price would be the full retail price a consignor will be willing to let the piece go for.  This could be your current retail price that you have assigned for your art in various shows, or galleries, minus the frame costs.

For the most part Artists will be shipping unframed works in standard sizes, when possible (sizes to be addressed further at a later date). Customers making a purchase at the ‘take home price’ would eliminate the need for any shipping charges to the customer as they would remove it from the auction that day with a SOLD sign placed on the lot (basically it would be no different from any current operating gallery except the reserve acts as an enticement). Our staff will, of course, make every effort for a customer to leave our gallery with a piece of art.   Payment of all completed sales, be it from the auction, or display, will continue to be made the month following the items removal. Our prior exhibitors will tell you we were always punctual compared to some other businesses.


An example: An artist may normally sells a 24×30 oil framed for $1,000. Deduct $150 for the frame would make the take home price $850. (If any of your current clients notice a small reduction, just simply tell them the painting is being sold unframed). The reserve, should be around $400-$500, giving you more opportunity to sell maybe 3 or 4 pieces, instead of one, and thus having more moved out of your studio. We have a framing department and can show prospective customers what your painting would look like when framed. This would be eliminating any framing costs to the artist.   Our display artists, however, would be required to bring, or ship their work in tastefully framed.


We would hope that, at least, 100 artists would be submitting works in each auction, with a limit of 3 or 4 items per consignor.   All across Canada would be eligible to submit their works, once we have properly viewed their works approving them on line alongside their biographies and granting them acceptance before shipping, or delivering works to Studio 737. Watercolours must be unframed, we couldn’t ship out any glass items, simply because of possible damage


As before: There is no insurance available on any consignments to Studio 737 Art Gallery.  Every artist must fill out our consignment form waving any insurance liability on Studio 737 Art Gallery. Consignors can drop off , or ship their works to the Gallery. There will, of course, be a reduced auction percentage retained by Studio 737, which on these sales would be 30%. Our normal consignment percentage for display artists will remain the same. Most auctions request a buyer’s fee and that again eliminates a number of people from placing in a bid. We will not request a buyers fee in hopes of moving more art faster! (We need this to work, and a small buyers fee may be added in the future) So, our Living Artist Auction will be more of A GALLERY DISPLAY FOR ALL WORKS with a number or artists having the opportunity to sell work every 90 days. Auction Artwork that has not received a bid and sold will be returned to the consignor at their expense after each auction period, as we do not have long time storage area. (we will be hoping for an auction sale to include 300-400 items every three months), so we will search living artists out from across Canada and provide everyone this information that is now in front of you.   If you have overpriced your work, or submit inferior works, you may not be able to participate again. (It will be at our discretion and perhaps, it was that particular work, and not the price, why it lacked any bids). The reopening of Studio 737 must be once again successful for all of us from the start. As we open our doors for business, there can be no favouritism, you must submit works that have a chance of selling.