Over 100 years ago art galleries were established to promote local artists and their artworks. There were no copy machines to confuse collectors with paper or canvas art prints, you purchased an original piece of art not a copy.  Paintings painted by Canadian Artists became both a decoration enhancing homes and offices, but have turned into sound investments that became a part of our Canadian Heritage (Look what fills our museums, you won’t find any reproductions anywhere).

Believe it or not, purchasing Original Canadian Art is not as expensive as you think.  Most individuals walk into the large art galleries in the big city are blown away by over inflated prices?  Living artists charging  $3,000 and more for a painting painted in a day or two must be seriously looked at?  You can take your $3,000 and purchase an artist who has passed on, in one of Canada’s auctions and it should bring you a return on your investment faster than one of those living artists ever will.  In most cases, individuals with a lot of money promote certain artists to gain a financial benefit when they finally become recognized after they are gone.

Art Collecting is actually fun, you start with one painting and eventually your home or office is adorned by your perception of beauty and not some gallery owner’s or interior decorator’s perception.  Try to keep away from all those canvas art prints sold in every retail store and on-line,  they are worthless and have become nothing more than a fad!  

Start with your local art show, you just may find the next upcoming professional artist.  After 30 years, we have taken most of that hesitation away and bring you a wide array of artists with various prices that for the most of you are very affordable.  We also give you a few days to make up your mind, if not happy and return for a full refund.

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