Canadian Art A Sound Investment

So long as you know what you are doing! 

First off - Never ever purchase a piece of artwork from an auctioneer who is charging a buyers fee?  Art Galleries don’t charge this fee, you purchase a piece of artwork and take it home.  Auctioneers have added this fee to be used as an expense element that can be deducted immediately during the year of purchase and if you cannot use this feature, then why pay it for a business or individual who is able to write their purchase off their income taxes?  

At Studio 737, we always have tried to look out for our customers, we want them to build a great collection of “Original Art”. We also have a standing 10% discount to thank members of the Canadian Forces for their service as they protect all of us! It’s a shame other businesses can’t do the same.

The “Mechanics Behind Fine Art” must be considered and that is the pricing, promotion and professionalism of Canadian Art. The average Impressionist Artist should be able to produce at least 1,000 paintings in their 30-40 year career.  If they are selling their work for $300 at the beginning and $2,000 - $10,000 towards the end of that career, that most likely would result in a net gain for the entire art market of at least 1,000 pieces so start multiplying this by artists and the art market will continue to grow making these artworks more and more valuable down the road.

Unfortunately, 95% of ALL NORTH AMERICANS- know virtually nothing about Art, as it is not a subject that is taught in most schools or Universities. They purchase copies, or whatever they want to hang in their homes.  Imagine, if only one or two percent of them understood what the art market is all about, it would benefit both the buyer and also keep Canadian Art Alive!  

Have you ever had another retail art gallery glean all of this information on Canadian Art that Studio 737 now presents to you?  We have 30 years of experience behind us, even being involved with one of our artists,  Donald Gordon Fraser’s, one man 52 piece art exhibition in France in 1995.  Mr. Fraser, to this date has been the only  LIVING  CANADIAN ARTIST, to ever have had a Museum Exhibition outside of Canada!  He was selected by the French Government because of his bold style and without any influence by politicians in both countries, this is a true fact!  If you walk into any other  art gallery and find prints, reproductions and posters then you have just found another retail store and not an art gallery.  

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