Joe's Art Update

Both Arja and myself are exited in opening our Studio 737 Art Gallery here in Barrie.  We hope to see it grow over the years.  Most customers, walking in the front doors are really amazed of the professional artwork on display.  The majority of these artists have been with us at least 20 years and a few go back to when we originally opened, over 30 years ago near the junction of Highway #7 and #37, thus our name.

This time, I will take you to the back section of the gallery first, you will find the same professionalism here, so here we go.

Lucy Manley has many gems, I particularly like, “Birch Trunks #2, Autumn Glitter #2 and Along the Madawaska”. She was a big seller in Tweed and has been with us since we opened in 1988.

John Lennard you want colour, he’s got it, “Woodland Shadows, Autumn Hillside and Autumn Lake” are my favorites.

Dianne Cooke sets the pace with, “Crazy Lilies, Reflections and Standing Still” all nice pieces.

Jewell Allington takes you back to the East Coast in several pieces, I like her, “Autumn Glory”.

Ron Leonard:  Passed away over a dozen years ago, only a few of his remain with us. Auctions are next for this artist!

Lloyd Wilson managed to bring us 3 paintings all saleable, check out his, “Lily Pads & Dragon Fly’s”. He has developed an impressionistic style bordering on a bit of realism.

Nancy Jones a Barrie impressionist, is with us, you will have to look at her page, stop in and decide for yourself, which one to take home.

Shirly Mancino, once again, after 20 years brings you a bit of Fantasy in her work, my favourite is, “Cello Dream II”. I display it in a nice gold ornate frame to match the piece.

Tricia Savoie, a wonderful impressionist with a number of pieces to choose from, “All this and more, A Setting in the Sun and Fall Breezing In”.  These last two would make a great pair.

Sherrill Girard, brings you a bit of Abstract Impressionism, visit her page!

SAXXY Joe, my abstracts, take you all over the place, I try to use colour and figurines.

Ivan Unwin painted a series of three, just for our opening, “Always Now, Now is Forever and Your Hands in Mine” which take you back in time.  Don’t forget, “Celebrating Maple Syrup”.

Joanne Gervais has been kind to help us along the way on social media.  Her snow scenes can accent any home, or office.  “Joie D’ Hiver and Olympic Trials” are yours.  Care for a Portrait?  “Ol’ Guitar Man with his Gibson”, may just be the piece for you.

Marlene Bulas is another local artist, familiar to many of you.  Her colourful paintings of the area will surely delight. “Vasey Road to Georgian Bay, Cottages for Rent and Road to the Cottage” are my favorites.

Sunny Mills brings you her fun animal portraits, that will make anyone chuckle, check her page.

Rob Huffman, a big seller in Tweed, brings you his large birch tree pieces and rural city scape's in his unique style. Check out, “Interior, Under the Canopy, Village of Queensboro and Winter Morning”.

Olga Szaranski, we call her Lucy’s Mom, and they both paint outdoors together. Her; “Chateau Frontenac, Petite River Nation” are winners. “Sunny March Day” even reminds you of the Group of Seven!

Rob Elphinstone from Vancouver, has once again outdone himself in the " Emily Carr" style, you have, “Forested Hill, Canadian landscape II and Sphinx Island”.

Jake Mol’s passing in late 2018 was a sad event not only to his wife Pauline Holancin and family, but to all his painting friends.  Pauline, brought in several of his paintings and I particularly like, “Madawaska Voyage”.

Pauline Holancin, is one to watch. Care for a nice floral? “Birthday Boquet” won’t be here that long.  I really like her oil, “Transformation” and w/c, “Glorious Red”.

Before we go to the front:  If you’re looking for a large Boardroom painting, we have those, as well, “Forested Hill” by Rob Elphinstone, “Black Rain” by SAXXY Joe.  Out in the front entrance of the Gallery are 5 fantastic stunning large pieces by Eduard GUREVICH.  Whose paintings we had been previously trying to obtain for our Tweed Gallery and now we have these just for you.

Beth Hoselton, once again, stuns you with her wildlife paintings, my two favourites are, “A New Dynasty and her most recent, Savannah Dawn”.  All of her paintings are just fantastic.  As part of the Me-To movement you gals owning your own business have this opportunity to support this top female artist painting in the wildlife genre!

Shelly Burke, once again you have to look up her page, her florals and landscapes even stunned us, that’s why she is up front, even surprised her of her display when she entered the gallery on our Grand Opening, May5th.

We needed a balance of art to put on display of varying styles once you enter the gallery.  I can only write about it, these talented artists have all created it, you now have the opportunity to enjoy it and take something home with you.

Allison Robichaud once again brings you the European style of Impressionism. He captures the essence of rural Canada along with floral still life.  I like: “Roses, Hay Bales and the Red Shack”.

Brian Buckrell, shipped his colourful paintings in from BC, and already luckily, just sold two, I also like his “Out to the Bay, As we Were and Smells of Spring”.

Terry Ananny brings you a very colourful display of "children at play naïve art", you just have to take a peek on our website to find your favorite.

Martha Markowsky, She’s the first artist you see, when you enter our front doors. Her orchestra paintings are masterful.  Many would like her to paint Toronto Maple leaf jerseys, instead of those Montreal Canadians.  I like her, “Rockland Village, La Ruelle and Forest at Dark”.

Conrad Mieschke, is known for his detailed watercolours, but I like “Ontario Farm Country” as well, it is a highly detailed acrylic.  Check out his work on his page.

Albert Chiarandini, passed away at 93, painted with the Group, his family brought in a dozen small pieces all framed identically and they would make an excellent display in your home or office!  Purchase all 12, and you just may have a $100,000-$200,000 fortune on your walls.  Yes, fantastic art that we carry, has been vetted by us, it will be sought after in the future.

Arja Palonen, there would be no Studio 737,  if it wasn’t for my wife, Arja. I’m not going to select my favorite piece; it wouldn’t be right!  As the Founder and Owner of one of Canada’s oldest Art Galleries and at one point Exhibiting the Largest Collection of Original Canadian Fine Art with over 1,000 pieces on display in Tweed.  Her work, will one day be at auction until the end of time.  Select one of her masterful pieces from her page, her prices will only go up.

Donald Gordon Fraser, did I save the best for last?  Not really, if you read about all the artists above, everyone of them has their own particular style and accomplishments, I will leave it at that.  Don, however, Before his passing was THE ONLY LIVING CANADIAN ARTIST TO HAVE EVER HAD A MAJOR MUSEUM EXHIBITION in 1995 OUTSIDE OF CANADA, IN FRANCE OF ALL PLACES.  The Museum Director, selected 52 of his Masterpieces for a 4-month display.  If you look at his page, you will see but a portion of the 1,300 paintings that we sold just Don’s work alone.  This is an unheard-of amount by any artist.  These were his best pieces out of the 3,000, or so, he painted after leaving the College of Art as an Instructor.  We only have 6 on a resale basis, nobody wants to relinquish his work, who would you replace it with.  You can read his accomplishments in his biography and look at his artwork.  You now have the opportunity in purchasing one of Canada’s foremost artist's works that will live on for INFAMY!  His BEST, Kensington Market, piece has just made it to our wall!

There you have it, your taste may be better than mine, but at least it is a starting point.  We want the art buying public here in Barrie to find us and boast the largest collection of Original Canadian Fine Art is now here in Barrie.  See you Soon!  Joe& Arja.

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