Joe's Art Update

Both Arja and myself are excited to open up Studio 737 Art Gallery to this great and bustling city of Barrie, which we trust will continue to grow over the years.  After successfully running our gallery for thirty years, in both the Quinte Area and the City of Richmond Hill, we are now poised to bring to all of you, a wonderful and affordable selection of all ORIGINAL CANADIAN WORKS OF ART!    We are sure others have contemplated in opening here in Barrie, but we are the ones taking the leap!

I will be utilizing this section to bring you the up and coming news of the gallery and its artists and their new works entering through our front doors.  So stand by for these monthly updates starting in May, which will include several new pieces that you may want to consider adding to your art portfolios.  We make sure that the artists will bring their best works to us in Barrie, so you’ll have a great selection to choose from and in  case you really don’t have an art portfolio as yet, what a way to start one with magnificent choices right here at your ‘doorstep’ !

Prior to the opening in May, we have decided to take advantage of this 4-5 month period of advertising, thus providing you with  all the knowledgeable information that you now have at your ‘fingertips in front of you.  

As this website is all brand new, I will be starting off by listing only 4 of our artists currently on the website.  They are:  Beth Hoselton, Donald Fraser, Arja Palonen and myself.  Also this winter I will have time to familiarize myself on updating and entering artworks including both the “available for sale” and “sold works” for the four of us and eventually, continuing on with our other artists.  Hopefully, ironing out any discrepancies, as I enter the above information online ‘one piece at a time‘.   We need to take every advantage of this early advertising, while eagerly anticipating what lies ahead, when the  actual opening day arrives! Just like the new signs outside of our new gallery here in Barrie already will be doing, during the upcoming winter months, until our scheduled opening in May. Then all of our artists hope to SPRING into action, and not just the four of us. We have to take advantage of this Free Advertising during the winter months until our scheduled opening in May... 

Once I familiarize myself with this form of social media and also have firm commitments from all of our other artists, then their names will be added to our roster.  Many have already contacted us informing of their eager participation.  However, there will be no available works listed for any artists until sometime in April.  Unfortunately, all of their previously sold works and biographies from our old website have been lost and those biographies, as well as the new artists’ works need to be re-entered while we are down in Florida this winter.

I will now present the two artists I have mentioned above.

Donald Gordon Fraser was the ‘ONLY LIVING CANADIAN ARTIST’ to ever have had a 52 painting MAJOR EXHIBITION for four month solo show at an ART MUSEUM  in FRANCE during the summer of 1995.  Unfortunately, the Chrétien Government and his Ambassador to France hid this exhibit from the entire Canadian Public due to Quebec‘s Nationalist movement at the time.  Charles Hill, the Director of the National Gallery also was another one, who dismissed our correspondence because of personal reasons, as  in 1995 he published his own book on the “Group of Seven”.  Don Fraser‘s exhibit would have impeded with the sales of his book, as Mr. Fraser’s artwork was stronger and more powerful than any of the Group of Seven members.  He also painted around 400 portraits of Canadians in all walks of life and mediums.  A 10x10 foot painting of George Harrison of the Beatles is on his artist page, as well.   As far as we know, no member of the Group  ever painted  portraits, nor, as a fact, has any other Canadian artist in this volume, as well.  His 1950’s Cabbage Town paintings once again brings his work to the forefront, capturing Toronto, before becoming what it is today, a giant bustling Metropolis.  After the Group’s emergence in the 1920’s and being noted for that era, surely Donald Gordon Fraser must be regarded, as Ontario’s foremost artist of the 1950’s. It is a shame that the government to this date thinks more of an individual shot up in space than something this important down here on earth.  Politics, should never interfere with a countries Heritage as did Mr. Chretien, by ignoring this event.  You can read more about Don on his biography sheet, I've provided everybody with just a small sampling of his 3,000 piece inventory most of it already sold.

For another Fairy tale story, we must turn to Beth Hoselton:  Almost 30 years ago, when we first opened our location on Highway #7, one of our exhibitors was Carl Hoselton, Beth’s father, who was a fantastic sculptor and an artist.  One day he came into the gallery and asked both Arja and myself, if we would like to look at his daughter’s portfolio?  Just before he went to retrieve it, we asked him how old she was, and when he told us only 18, we looked at each other and wondered, what‘s to come? He came back from his vehicle and ‘low and behold’ there was young gifted talent‘s work right in front of us consisting  a number of  her paintings of musical instruments, a large British hunting scene with three horses, riders and 21 hounds.  There were a few buildings also.  We told Carl, we would be delighted to exhibit his daughter’s excellent work and off he went.  A few weeks later he returned with Beth’s paintings and again departed.  A few weeks later, he returned and saw that we’d hung all of her work on the front walls, as you entered Studio 737, since we found her paintings, as good, as any professional’s’.  This time when Carl returned he told me, Joe, don’t close until I return, it was around 1 PM, I asked where he was going, he told me Ottawa, a good 4-hour round trip, as we lived next door, I told him okay, see you when you get back!

Carl returned and brought every piece of art that he, himself, had in the Ottawa Gallery that had represented him back to Studio 737.  Because the same gallery, he told me, had put his daughter, Beth’s work on the floor and he appreciated that we’d hung it on our front walls.  (Those of you, who are parents, must realize just how proud Carl felt, that someone was giving his daughter a chance to properly display her God Given Talent.)  Since finding Beth Hoselton at such young age; we have always since tried to give few other budding artists a chance to exhibit at the Studio 737, as long as their talent was promising and at par with our regular professional artists’ displayed works.  Will we have someone else new in Barrie be the next one to emerge?  Just like those talent shows on Television, but in our case the purchaser has the last say.

Back to Beth’s story:  At 20 years, she focused on doing wildlife paintings, and her work was as good, if not better, than Mr. Robert Bateman’s, and as an art dealer,  I can attest to this. As a reference Beth captures photographs of the animals at the Toronto and Washington Zoos, and at one point travelling to Africa, to see these animals in their natural habitats, and capture the young on her lens.  But ’seeing is believing’ which is why, I have focused on her talent, for all of you to see until in May,  when we’ll fill all our walls with Original Art with multitude of subject matter, from all of our talented artists.   

From 20 years old until 37 when she had her first child, she painted on almost on a daily basis, bringing her work to Studio 737.  After Carl’s passing, I took Beth under my wings, as if she were a daughter.   I tried to convince her to abstain from doing any reproductions of her work, like so many others, who have practically destroyed Canadian Art scene with the signed and numbered prints, even the ‘Group came back from the grave’ to sign theirs.  But, Beth had to try, as she reproduced two of her paintings but finally told me, she no longer wanted to deceive the public, by signing something that was not her original art!

If you go to her page, you will see art that no one has seen before, which were painted during this past 20-year period, except for the individuals, who have bought and taken her paintings home with them.  There are approximately over 100 that we have entered, just to show you as an example.  Just like most artists, Beth is very modest and really never tried too hard to push her work to the general public.   She was invited to include her work in  few published calendars, which is the only way artwork should be reproduced. We have even resold three of her works between $20,000 and $40,000.

Unlike, this male dominated area of art, Beth with unerring gentle ‘womanly touch’ captures, whether unwittingly, or purposely the offspring and mothering instinct of the animal kingdom in a number of her works. Men just can’t do that, and now you have the chance to judge for yourself.   

It is now time for museums finally to enter Canadian Wildlife Paintings into their respective collections.  Hopefully, these directors will find Mrs. Beth Hoselton’s paintings as a very formidable approach into their first selection.  Her honesty, by not deceiving Canadian’s with signed and numbered Reproductions must be congratulated . It is time to reward her conviction over money. We need her two children to feel what their grandfather felt on Beth’s first introduction to Studio 737, years ago  

For any of you corporate executives following the ‘me-too’ movement, what a way to help out Beth, or any of our other artists, send us an email, with your selection of purchase.

Since this will be the last posting until May.  We will not honour any sale until the date of our opening.  (If there is more than one person interested in an artist’s piece, then those individuals will have an opportunity to present a hidden amount they would be willing to purchase that item for, highest amount will prevail.)  Joe

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