Corporate & Individual Art Investment Purchases

The majority of you, who might be  interested in this topic and its advantages have spent countless hours in studies for your professions and with an enormous cost for your degree(s).  Your professors guided you to  successful careers and now what to do?  Stock Market? 401K’s? Investors Markets? Gold?  How about the Art Market? 

Go to, “ Canada’s Cost Allowance Section 8 or subparagraph 891”, there you will find that as a business person, or an investor you can actually write off any art purchased for your office as long as it is $200.00 or more and the Artist, who created it was a Canadian. Parliament created this allowance over 70 years ago to assist artists by allowing this deduction to be permitted when it comes to Original Canadian Art. There is a 20% per year deduction rule and the item becomes an asset of your business, your accountant and lawyer will attest to this.

When I walk into any professional’s office, I always look at what is hanging in the waiting, conference and board rooms. Often just a number of art prints, reproductions or plain posters! The building from the outside looks fancy, the layout of the office and professional spaces looks well organized but “deco art” just doesn’t do it!  Just imagine you can decorate the entire place for FREE!  Yes, do it with Original Canadian Art as Parliament has allowed and help a LIVING Artist. Don’t call in the interior decorator, have some fun yourself and your employees and patrons may just feel a bit more cozy with your new look.

Yes, only 5% of ALL North Americans know anything about art, unless they have studied it in school or their families collected it in their home. It’s always fantastic when you learn about something new, especially, if it doesn’t cost you anything in the long run and may just turn that asset into a valuable commodity, look at what came out of the great depression and those wars over the years.  Gold & ART!

Studio 737 is here to help you organize a nice collection and work with you.  Our problem may be trying to keep enough art coming in our back doors from our fantastic artists to replace what is leaving through our front doors.  Remember it is all Original, and cannot be replaced on some printing press.

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