Ivan Unwin

Ivan Unwin


After the completion of my English art education I had a collection of atmospheric art film works released via IKON/Factory Records.  Titled ~ Flichering Shadows,
a well reviewed and acclaimed body of work that opened further funding and many European exhibitions.  It also put me in contact with producers of the newly
re-invented music video.  Consequently for over 10 years I had worked in London UK as an art director for many music artists ~ Oasis, Cold Play, Pink Floyd to name but a
few, as well as working for many international corporations designing and building the sets for TV Advertising.

Film set drawing became a natural transition back to traditional painting, although now the same intrinsic questions of composition, and of colour occupy a single image. 
The inspiration for new work came whilst re-fitting a small cabin in the west of Scotland, located in a remote ancient oak forest, that midge infested rain soaked atmosphere
inspired my new painting artwork.

I had a landscape painting from the period shown at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2005.

With a pin, a map, and the internet my wife and I moved to Warkworth, Ontario in the winter of 2006.  I am now starting to produce new works with Canadian landscape, traditional
work with a contemporary look.

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