Olga Szaranski

Olga Szaranski


From early years, art has always amazed her.  However, it wasn't until later in life that she was able to pursue her interest in painting, once her family was raised and her retirement from the resort business afforded her more time.  Her art education started with four years of evening courses at Sir Sandford Fleming College.  Teachers included Edwin Matthews, Jack Hamer and Philip Webb.  She attended many workshops organized by East Central Ontario Art Association (ECOAA) and the Buckhorn School of Fine Art, with various instructors such as Poul Thrane, Pauline Holancin, Ron Leonard and Guttorn Otto.

She is a member of the Kawartha Artists Gallery & Studio (KAGS) in Peterborough and actively participates in their outdoor painting excursions.  Some of the local sites include Hope Mill, Indian River and Lang Century Village which hosts an annual summer exhibition for the members.  She exhibits there as well as at several of the shows held at KAGS.  As a member of ECOAA, she has the position of Historian in charge of archives.  She takes part in ECOAA juried Shows, held in various locations in Ontario, as well as the annual Algonquin Show at the Visitor Centre held each October.  She also exhibits regularl with the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington in Bowmanville, the Spirit of the Hills of Northumberland, Cobourg Rotary Waterfront Festival.  Eclectic Mix in Warkworth and Madawaska Art Shop in Maynooth exhibit her work year round.

Currently her works are mainly in oils and acrylics.  Most of her paintings are begun plein air on location year round.  Later in the studio she puts on the last touches.  Her favourite subjects are the Canadian landscape, historical buildings as well as old neglected buildings.  Olga find history particularly intriguing, especially her love for old barns and sugar shacks, because they are disappearing very fast.  Limoux in Southern France has been her painting destination for several years now to capture the sundrenched Midi region.  The beauty she sees in flowers and still life is another favourite subject.

Olga has painted full time since 1980.

Her work is in many private Collections in Canada and abroad:  England, USA, Holland, Germany, Norway, Italy, Japan and Ukraine.  Johnson & Johnson Medical Products are also purchasers.

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